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Welcome to A Free
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A Free Education | is the Best Education! 

This web site is here to give you all the right FREE information about how to get a free education and a great career like many people have done. A free education is the best education when it also gets you a high income career

Here we will also show you other different ways of doing the very same thing as many other people have when you visit the FREE information WEB SITES that is provided for you in the yellow block on most of the web pages. Remember, there is always more than one way of achieving the same goal when it comes to employer and government programs, scholarships and grants.  Be positive!! 

You gotta know that employer and government programs, scholarships and grants for college and university educations are out there for deserving people like you (Ya!  YOU!!).  They are out there to promote prosperity in our nation.  They are a win / win for the little guy (Or little gal), governments and corporations!!  This is a respectable and admirable pursuit with benefits (that you are entitled to) all the way around the board for every one.  Dare to change your world and to positively influence the world and others around you. 

  • You could get a free education with money from government programs, scholarships and grants that provide free text books, as well as a spending allowance to pay for your food, accommodations and other living expenses, like so many other people have.  As you may know, text books and reference books can be extremely costly.

  • You may get FREE MONEY to pay for school, college or university with government programs, scholarships and grants as others have, just by checking out the FREE information WEB SITES.
  • You may get a free education at your employer's expense.

  • You may get portions of your free education at your employer's expense through employer programs as other have.
  • With your free education you can avoid being a starving student like so many other have and are doing right now as you read this.
  • You may also get a portion or all of your advanced free education by negotiation with your employer, with no requirements for pay back like many others have.
  • You can continue to increase your knowledge base and education credentials for zip, all at your employer's expense to bolster your income and your value as a respected employee and professional.  You and your employer win!
  • You can also use your free education to advance yourself through your career, studying and training.  Much of it could be on company time.
  • You can get it through government programs and have a high income generating, time honored and respectable career of your choice at the end of it, like many others are doing today.
You could get:
  • Scholarships for university
  • Scholarships for college
  • Scholarships for law school
  • Scholarships for medical school
  • Grants for university
  • Grants for college
  • Grants for law school
  • Grants for medical school
  • Even postgrad scholarships !!
Electrify your life!  Be motivated!

Precautionary notations.  Read this first to make your search effective and fast:
  1. We have selected only the TOP web sites out of thousands of other web sites out there that provide you the best and fastest means of finding the right types of scholarships, grants and government sponsored training programs you seek.  There are BILLIONS of DOLLARS available!  There could be tens, maybe hundreds, of thousands of dollars waiting for you on dozens of FREE information WEB SITE links on this site!!  The profile sites are the fastest sites for searching.
  2. The fast sites are marked with a double ** for easy identification and your convenience.  The others are more time consuming but they still are a valuable means of securing different sources of FREE money for college that don't necessarily appear on the profile sites.  You can focus in on the money and you can read through the rest of the site.
  3. Start a check list of web sites you have visited so you don't duplicate your efforts and waste your time.
  4. Bookmark this site for future reference as this site is the best FREE site on the net and is an excellent resource for you.  (One man's opinion)
  5. Tell a friend and Good Luck!!

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American Indian Scholarships
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Scholarships for Latinos
Scholarships for
Graduate Women
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Here are your

FREE information WEB SITE links.
   All you need is this one site to access all the TOP Scholarship web sites.

** FREE automated scholarship search using your keywords, student loans, scams to watch for and counseling.  Over 650,000 awards worth $2.5 billion.

** FREE scholarship profile based search, student loans, loan counseling and comparisons.  Over 800,000 awards valued at over $2.8 billion.  For US and international college Students, graduates, parents and high school students.

**  FREE automated profile based scholarship search, loans, consolidations, find a college.  Canadian, US and International students.  Scam information.

**  FREE profile and keyword based scholarship search and loans for US only.   SAT tests and test preparation.  College planning for seniors, juniors and sophomores.  Find and apply to colleges.

** They go beyond traditional scholarship profile based search sites to provide students with superior search capabilities and direct access to online scholarship applications for US students!

March25. College net:  FREE profile and keyword based scholarship search for Domestic & International scholarships.

Guaranteed-Scholarships.comA list of every US College & University with the scholarships they offer.

**  Automated profile-based Scholarship hunting for Canadians searching for placement in Canada, Europe, Asia and The United States.  Headquartered out of Toronto Canada.

There are more FREE information "profile" based WEB SITES on the next page.

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