Get a free education and training at your employer's expense & get paid full time wages while you are doing it.

A Free Education can be had

"At Your Employer's Expense!"

Click on the Banners to get FREE MONEY!!! for Your Education!

Free text books and reference books can be just one of the perks that come with a free education and training.   You can also get free money to pay for your food, accommodations and living expenses if you want to become a Stationary Engineer as many people have done. {Keep in mind these books are typically very expensive.  Just ask any one who has gone to college or university.}
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You can become a Stationary Engineer for free through government programs and / or choice employers.  Most people have to pay for it out of their own pockets but you may avoid all that by using the services provide on the free sites provided for you in the yellow blocks on most pages on this site.



  • You can find immediate employment like many have.
  • You can have a high income earning career at the end of your free education so you have a good job with great perks, as many have.
  • You can continue to get a free education and training at your employer's expense to bolster your earning power and your value as an employee.
  • You can also use it to advance yourself through your career, all on company time!

The earn while you learn (or earn and learn) scenario is a dream come true because, hopefully your personal time is your own. No studying on your time off because it all can be done while at work.  Many have done it using all these forms of free education.   These are the easy ways to get the good things in life all because of a free education

NO! This isn't something you have to pay back. 

NO! This isn't anything to do with the Navy, Army, Marines, Space program or where you owe years of service after the fact. 

And NO years of student loans to pay back or tuition fees to pay for if you have the right information. That's where this site comes in. It shows everything many others have learned and how they did it so you may limit your frustrations and maximize your success in life. 

This can be absolutely FREE!
and at no financial expense to you.

And the high paying, time honored career as a Stationary Engineer (Or what ever it is you train for) you can get at the end of it is your reward. 

Just think. You get a government certified and accredited trades certificate for a time honored and respected career, you can take almost anywhere.  It can allow you to rake in the dollars and create an upscale lifestyle for yourself. Most folks give up on the dream of having an upscale lifestyle because they don't have the money to afford the education and / or training. But you can have it all if you have the right information and play your cards right to get a free education and training all at no expense to you.

Sounds too good to be true? Click on the Stationary Engineer link and you will find out how good it can be with a Stationary Engineer's perks and pay.

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