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Welcome to A Free the fast and easy way to create a prosperous future
Welcome to A Free the fast and easy way to create a prosperous future
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Page #4  FREE scholarship search by name, category or school name for Domestic & International scholarships.  For languages, career colleges, grad & undergrads, MBAs, med schools and law schools.

** FREE automated profile-based scholarship search, college planning, campus life, career exploration, loan options and paying for college.

**   FREE automated profile-based scholarship search for US & Canadian scholarships.  Government programs, loan consolidation, application for financial aid and tips.

College Express FREE scholarship search for Domestic & International scholarships, admissions advice, financial aid, test prep, careers, ask the dean section and a book store.

ScholarshipNewsWARNING: This site has an excessive number of pop-ups and pop-unders.  Make sure you have your pop-up and ad blocker turned on before you go to this site.  FREE scholarship search for Special, Minority, Domestic & International scholarships,  fellowships and grants.

**  FREE automated scholarship, fellowships, bursaries and awards search for Canadian students.

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Continued story from previous page:

The earn while you learn scenario is great because your personal time is your own time.  Earning while learning means no studying on your time off because, it all can be done while you are at work. This way your time off from work is truly YOUR time off.  This is the easy way to get the good things in life for FREE all because of a government program and/or an employer program. 

  • No, ____ this doesn't have to be something you have to pay back. 
  • No, ____ this doesn't have to be anything to do with the Navy, Army, Marines, the Space program or where you own years of service after the fact.
  • No, ____ this isn't just for men.  This is a great non-traditional career for women too.  This is expanded upon for women in nontraditional jobs for you for those interested.
  • No, ____ In most cases you don't have to pay tuition fees.  Sometimes you may have to pay tuition fees up front BUT, ____ you get reimburse when you complete your studies.
  • Yes, ____ It can be as easy as connecting the dots to get your free education and money from employer and government programs as well as from scholarships and grants.
Remember, you can do it all with money from employer and government programs, scholarships and grants.


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