A Free Education. Earn while you learn. No student loans. BIG money job at completion. Do it at your employer's expense.

The biggest barrier to gaining success in life is not having the master tool,  ____  money.   True, it is not everything but it sure makes life easier and significantly increases the likelihood of YOUR success in life.  I have provide a number of options for you to consider below.
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The means by which many have acquired money to put themselves through School have been government programs.  The government program many people have accessed has provided absolutely everything they needed and paid ALL of their expenses.  Beyond that it can put food on the table, a roof over your head, it can pay for all your expensive text and reference books, pay for your tuition and helped you get your diploma.  As a result, all this stuff can be at no expense to you.  All you may have to earn, is the diploma so, ____ no student loans to pay back!  No student loans and no need to be a poverty stricken student.  Not bad at all! 
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Many employers in this business allow you to employ the "earn while you learn" strategy.  And that is all at your employer's expense so, you can receive more training and education while on the job.  No studying on your valuable time off.  Earning while learning is far more superior to doing the student loan thing and being in debt for years and years.  This way, you save scads of cash and have something others don't have, ____ peace of mind.  No point in spending money if you don't have to.  And many good employers in this business will send you off to special courses if you request it, ____ all on company time.  This site tells you how to negotiate that kind of a deal with your boss.  Smart business people see the value in promoting their employees by educating them.


  • No, ____ You don't have to have special employment status.
  • No, ____ You don't have to have special influence with management.
  • No, ____ You don't have to have an outside friendship with my boss.
  • No, ____ You don't have to have well developed social or negotiating skills.

All it took was one small, frequently overlooked and very easy to use technique that
you can pick up along the way that is being pass on to you as you read.

Some employers will fly you half ways across the country if you present a good case, demonstrate strong work ethic and provide them the right justification for more free education.  Many have done it all and the secrets of the trade will be passed on to you.  You can earn while you learn and build a lucrative career fast when you have the right information, just like many have done. 

That's one more reason why this site and StationaryEngineers.com have been developed for you.  If it wasn't for the bags of FREE money that were given to many a student they would have never achieved the lifestyle and income they currently enjoy.  They want to tell you the how to secrets and techniques of getting the money to create YOUR career and lifestyle goals.  One of the biggest secrets is tracking down your FREE education by using the FREE information WEB SITES links provided here for you in the yellow boxes on most of these web pages.  Start by going to the HOME PAGE of this site if you haven't already been there.

Good luck my friend.

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